Isthenext dot com offers a proven methodology that enables Internet and software startup teams to bridge the gap between idea and incorporation. We have developed a collaboration method in conjunction with templates and examples to ensure your team can focus on the most important aspect and that is your concept and potential users. The templates and examples are updated regularly. Look at us as a team member or a mentor with extensive startup knowledge that is available 24/7. We are happy to help you become


Every company started with an idea and a team. What is a great idea? It is all about discovering your customers need. Make sure you go out there, talk with your potential target group. Use the information to develop your concept and always stay in touch with your (potential) customers. Develop in this stage the outlines of your business model which should be repeatable and international scalable.

Programming and Concepting

The great thing of internet and software startups is the fact that you can simultaneously develop and interact with your customers. Great concepts have been developed by continuous iteration while programming and concepting. Stay in touch with your customers so you can validate your idea and business concept. It will also give you the possibility to further fine tune certain aspects of your concept. Use tools to create a paper trail so you have back ups of all important documents and codes. Our platform provides templates for functional and technical design, business plan templates, financial sheets, agreements etc.

Beta stage

Building a concept based on feedback of a few innovators is the first step. Getting your concept ready for a larger customer group is the second step. Better customer validation will be achieved the moment your concept is in open beta. Use this feedback to have a final verification of the chosen business model and positioning.


When to incorporate is different for each project. But also important is 'where' will you incorporate and what is the corporations legal form (Inc, Ltd, SA, BV, Corp. AS, GMBH,) Questions you need to ask is: Where is the team based? Do you need funding? What are the liabilities? Are there certain tax reliefs? Get proper advice in this stage and keep in mind the longer term.